How Much Flour Does A Jar of Wheat Make

Quite a few people have watched the interesting and adventure movie–Pirates of the Caribbean, the Dead Man’s Chest. Captain Jack Sparrow holds a jar of dirt to keep himself safe in the ocean. It’s a long and narrow jar. Curiosity is born with a child. One day, my little brother, who was eating a piece of bread, asked me: sister, can you tell me how much flour does a jar of wheat make? Wow, a good question! I don’t really know, so I just divert his attention and escaped.

But the other day, my mother bought a domestic flour milling machine, I was so excited. The machine is small in size, light in weight and elegant in shape. It’s easy to take, move and mill flour. Besides, its hoper is just the same size with the jar of Captain Jack Sparrow’s, it makes me very exciting! So under the permission of my mother, today I want to have a try on milling a jar of wheat to answer my brother’s question–how much flour does a jar of wheat make? Before milling, I have the wheat weighed and write down its weight. Then have it cleaned and dampened. Next, have it a little dried but not too dry to make sure that the dampened wheat still contains some water. Then pour it into the hopper, put the plug into a bolt and switch on the domestic flour milling machine.

The milling process is long and exciting for me. I mill several times to ensure a good quality and natural flavor wheat flour. Then finally the white flour come out with a natural flavor. I weigh the newly milled flour and calculate, that I find the answer of how much flour does a jar of wheat make, that a jar of wheat can make 80% of flour! The result isn’t important, the milling process helps me to experience the joy of labor and the sense of success of looking for an answer.

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