Wheat manufacturing process

Wheat manufacturing process involves a series of stages. The first stage involves grading of the wheat. In this stage, wheat is received at the flour mill where it is inspected. Samples of wheat are taken for both physical and chemical analysis. In this process, wheat is graded based on some factors but the most important factor is the protein content. The wheat is then kept into silos waiting to be milled. Before the wheat is milled, it has to undergo cleaning process. Wheat is passed through different cleaning processes to remove any foreign materials. The wheat and other small particles are passed through screens.
wheat manufacturing process
The wheat is then washed in warm water. Any foreign materials that remained during the cleaning process are removed in this stage. The next step involved in wheat manufacturing process is conditioning. In this process, the wheat is soaked in cold water for about 3 days or at a temperature of 46 degrees Celsius.

Wheat is then grinded where it also undergoes various processes. After that, the wheat is then processed into flour. During processing, small amounts of bleaching agents are added to the flour after milling. The flour is then packed into various bags.