How to Grind Wheat Flour Using Wheat Flour Machine

Grinding your own flour at home instead of buying a packet of flour from the store can be a great idea. Whole wheat flour is nutritious but it loses nutrients within the first 24 hours of production. For this reason, it is better to grind the whet at home as per your needs. In addition, the taste of freshly ground wheat is much better than that of wheat that has stayed.

wheat flour machineYou will need a wheat flour machine and dry wheat to make wheat flour.  The wheat can be either electric cranked or hand cranked depending on the type of machine you won. Basically, there are three types of flour depending on the type of the wheat used to make the flour. Wheat is divided into three parts namely the endosperm, the germ and the bran. The endosperm is the area that carries a lot of proteins and starch, the germ is rich in vitamins and proteins while the bran contains the fiber. If you want white flour, you will use the endosperm only while whole meal flour is made from the three parts. It is important to sift through the wheat to remove any remaining particles before using it. Note that there are different types of wheat based on protein content and other factors. All purpose wheat, for instance, is low in protein and best used to bake cakes and bread. On the other hand, bread flour has high protein content and can be sued to make yeast break.

When you buy your wheat flour machine, take time to study wheat so you can know which wheat is for making bread or pasta.  This information will come in handy when you want to make flour for bread or any other purpose. The bottom line is that making wheat flour at home is cost effective and efficient.